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The Oak Hills Flying Club was founded in 1964 by members Stuart McArton, Eugene Burrell, Kenneth Sine, Kenneth Arbuckle, Ray Irwin, Ken Ray, Wayne Wellman, Don Williams, Don Rodgers, Allen Lawes and Hadley Richardson.

Property on Oak Hills owned by the Richardson family was cleared for runway construction and Hadley Richardsons’ Aeronca Champ CF-JXM was the first aircraft on the field.

CF-JXM Piloted by Hadley Richardson: The first plane to land on the field.

From The President:

Welcome to the Oak Hills Flying Club (OHFC) and please have a wander around our website to see a little bit of what we are all about.


The OHFC was founded in 1964 by a group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts. Throughout the years the names and faces have changed, however the passion for general aviation has never waned and is still strong to this day amongst our members.


We are a very dedicated, diverse group of aircraft owners, builders, flyers, some who drop-by the Clubhouse just to chat, others are there most days of the week, flying whenever the weather will allow. We have an Executive that meets monthly and voted-in once a year. 


The OHFC has a very active social program planned as we move forward into the coming years. We also have plans to update our Club Hangars and add new Private hangars. The goal is to rejuvenate interest in and promote General Aviation.


Whether your interests are in building an airplane, finding a home for your pride and joy, or simply telling tales over a hot cup of coffee. You will find pretty much anyone here who can help you in one form or another, point you in the right direction for resources or simply pass along a bit of advice from an “experienced-hand.” 


Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Executive, a member you may know, or simply “drop-in” for a coffee, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.


On behalf of the Membership and the Executive of The Oak Hills Flying Club, thank you and have a great day!

Dave Muldoon - President OHFC

Meet The Executive

  • Rich MacEwen - The President

  • Mike Fielding - The Secretary

  • Jan King - The Treasurer

  • Rich MacEwen - Safety Officer

  • Randy Kerr/ Nick Pfeiffer - Equipment/ Hangers/ Property



TO acquire, hold, operate and maintain all manner of aircraft;

TO promote flying and aviation in general and to teach and train persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of aircraft;

TO teach and train persons in the rigging, maintenance and repair of aircraft and in the care, maintenance and repair of all motive power used in the propulsion of aircraft;

TO acquire and hold land for the purpose of establishing and maintaining flying and landing fields, airports, air-harbours, depots and hangars for the care housing, reception and dispatch of aircraft for the purpose of the Corporation and of the members thereof;

TO make, use and conduct experiments in connection with flying and aviation generally and the training of persons therein and to promote race meetings, speed trial tests and other exhibitions of aircraft and to offer for competition and to distribute prizes in connection therewith or for any other purpose or purposes likely to tend to the advancement of the art, science and practice of flying, aeronautics and aviation in general;

TO establish, maintain and conduct or to assist in the establishment, maintenance and conduct of any organization, association or society formed for the purpose of advancing the study and practice of flying, aeronautics and aviation in general.

Trentonian, May 29th, 1964.

New flying club is formed with field in Oak Hill area

Fifteen men met in Stirling last night to form a new flying club.

The name they chose for the new club is Oak Hills Flying Club. Several names were proposed, among them the South Hastings Flying Club, the Lower Trent Valley Flying Club and the Hastings and Northumberland Flying Club.

The reason names with a county connotation were not chosen was that this would give the impression the new club is in competition with the Prince Edward Flying Club.

Members of the new club made it clear last night that their only interest will be in cooperation with the Prince Edward club and other clubs in the area.

The new club already has an air strip in the making. It is situated on the former farm of Ernest Woodcock, already purchased for the purpose, on the east side of Frankford Road at RR 4 Stirling.

At last nights meeting in Stirling Council chambers, Murray Clapp from the Prince Edward Flying Club was on hand to advise on the organization of the new club. Mr. Clapp, a flying instructor with many years of experience, will continue to be of assistance as the club develops.

Members of the new club will pay an initial membership fee of $50 and $10 per year thereafter.

Elected president last night was Stewart McArtan of Stirling.

Other officers are E. Burrell, secretary; Kenneth Sine, treasurer; and Kenneth Arbuckle, vice president. Five other directors will be named later.

A bylaw committee of Don Rodgers, Mr. McArtan and Donald Williams was also set up.

The next big task facing the club is the obtaining of a licence to operate an airfield. A committee will be chosen to arrange a meeting with the Department of Transportation to discuss the matter.

It is estimated that there are about seven pilots in Stirling and district, and about that many new members joined the new club last night. They were told it may cost about $1,000 for each plane if hangar space is needed by members at the airstrip.

Mr. Williams said he prefers the name affiliate of the Prince Edward Flying Club, instead of satellite. Those present at the meeting agreed and the term was duly written into the minutes. Two members of the club have their own planes, but it is expected the number will grow soon after the organization is established in the district.

Mr. McArtan told those present at the meeting he was honoured to be the first president of the club. He said he had expressed the opinion four years ago that every community should have an air strip, and was laughed at by some persons at the time. Now the club is off the ground, he said, and it was a great occasion for him.

Meanwhile, another meeting will be held June 18, after a visit to the airstrip.

Tweed News, June 10th, 1964

New Flying Club Formed

A new venture is the formation of the Oak Hills Flying Club, three miles from Stirling. Big plans are afoot according to Stuart McArton the clubs’ President. At the present time, there is a 1,900 foot strip, 200 feet wide, running in a east west direction. This may soon be extended by another 1,000 feet, while further plans call for the construction of a north - south runway, the building of a hangar and a Club House.

At the present time, Hadley Richardson, a member of the Flying Farmers Association of Ontario, Kenneth Ray and Ray Irwin, Batawa, are using the air strip. According to McArton, instructions in Ground School and Flying will begin at an early date.

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