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Services & Procedures

Questions about flying in? Look no further!


The Stirling Airport is located within the Trenton control zone, offering a variety of services for our members and visitors. Our runway is 1000' of asphalt and 1350' of turf; with a total of 2350' usable.

To help answer some common questions about arriving and departing out of Stirling we have added a section on this page to clear those questions up.


Modern Clubhouse

Our clubhouse is brand new and includes all modern services you would come to expect. This includes: full kitchen, washroom, lounge, snack bar, wifi, AC, BBQ/ picnic tables, and space for meetings/ flight planning. 


100LL Available

We offer avgas to both members and visitors. Fuel is payable by check or e-transfer. If you are a visitor please contact us in advance to ensure we are able to assist you.

Current price: $2.72/L with a discount for members. GST included.



Rent a tie-down for only $50/month.



We host a variety events and fly-ins throughout the flying season! We typically hold a fly in during the spring and fall. Check out our events page to get more info!


Private Hangars

Private hangers for rent are available on a vacancy basis. The private hangers have access to wireless internet. Contact the club for a list of potential landlords.

If you would like to construct your own hanger please contact the executive for more information.


Club Hangars

The club recently sold all club hangers to our members.

Trenton Forces Base CYTR

Recommended Arrival & Departure Procedures

With the field situated within the Trenton CZ some pilots may feel intimidated to contact Trenton Tower. There is no reason to feel this way, Trenton is helpful, courteous, and polite.


1. Contact Trenton tower at the appropriate distance from the zone. When you state your intentions make sure you specify you are landing at Stirling.

2. Tower will clear you into the zone.

3. Once you have the field in sight or are in close proximity tower will instruct you to call Stirling's ATF. From there just fly it as a ATF!


1. Use Stirling's ATF to depart the field.

2. Once airborne contact Trenton and advise airborne off Stirling with direction of flight and requested altitude.

3. Depart on-route!


Flight Training

Unfortunately, our flying club does not offer any flight training facilities or aircraft rentals.

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